Apply to be a community litter picker

Great news that you want to undertake a clean-up in the City.

You do not need permission to volunteer to pick up litter as long as it's on public and not private land.

It's important to consider health and safety so don't work too close to main or busy highways or cause blockages on busy streets and pavements.

The following list has been created to ensure you have a safe cleanup day and gives some simple do's and don'ts that should help to avoid any injuries or illness.


  • Always let a member of your family know where you are going and when you are expected home.
  • Carry a mobile phone in case of emergencies (if you have one).
  • Always use gloves and litter pickers when collecting litter.
  • Try to wear reflective or light coloured clothing.
  • Wear strong boots or shoes.
  • Always wash your hands after litter picking.
  • Inform the Council of any problems or issues that you may have noticed.


  • Handle any needles or sharp objects.
  • Work on or near any high speed or busy roads.
  • Work in or near any watercourses.
  • Lift anything that is too heavy.
  • Work when in it is dark or unsafe.
  • Approach any unknown people.
  • Work when you are tired.

We do have litter picking equipment that can be loaned out.

Litter pickers, gloves and hi viz vests can be made available at the Civic Centre to be picked up. We can also supply you with strong black bags.