Litter (Community Schemes)

Community Clean Up

Newcastle City Council can help you with your community clean up by lending you the necessary litter picking equipment, collection sacks (refuse and recycling), gloves, arranging for the collected litter to be removed and providing help and advice where needed.

The Council may be able to provide a ‘free’ collection service to those who volunteer to collect discarded litter from public areas such as pavements, footpaths and walkways. Please only collect litter from publically used areas, such pavements, footpaths and walkways.

  • Please do not collect litter from any land which is not in everyday use by the general public.
  • If you are unsure as to litter pick an area or not, please contact the Council before proceeding with the clean up as we will not collect litter or refuse gathered from private land.
  • If an area of private land has a lot of litter on it, please advise the Council and we will contact the landowner in order to resolve the problem.

Please contact Newcastle City Council on 0191 2787878 and ask for Envirocall if you are interested in registering as part of this scheme.