Pavements and Street Furniture


Pavements are inspected on a regular basis depending on their location.

All pavements in Newcastle are inspected at least twice per year. Pavements which usually fall into this category include those in mainly residential areas.

Pavements in busier areas such as out of town shopping areas and main transport links are inspected every 3 months.

The pavements in the main shopping areas in Newcastle, which are the City Centre, Gosforth High Street, Chillingham Road Shops and Shields Road are inspected every month.

Repairs and maintenance

From these inspections we get technical information which tells us which pavements need to be repaired. We work with Ward Councillors and residents to agree a programme of work for the year.

We also take into consideration other work which may already be scheduled for an area, such as a new building development or installation of gas pipes. We will programme our work to take place after this to minimise disruption.

We also use information from reports to carry out emergency repairs as soon as possible and schedule non-urgent work into the above programme.