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Track the progress of an Envirocall request

Have you already made a request through Envirocall? You can track the progress of your request online. 

Track your Envirocall request.

Alternative way to get in touch:

  • Phone: 0191 278 7878 and ask for 'Envirocall'.


Other online reporting tools

You may have seen other reporting websites which offer ways for residents to report environmental issues such as graffiti, broken glass, litter or potholes in their neighbourhood.
When an issue is reported through one of these external websites, the issue is passed on to our customer services staff in an email generated by the site. Our Envirocall staff then need to manually transfer the content of this email into our reporting software before a reference number is generated and then manually emailed back to you. This can lead to delays in the request being handled and resolved, especially at weekends.
In addition, sometimes external reporting sites do not ask for all the required information that we need in order to resolve an issue which has been reported. We therefore advise residents that they report issues directly to Envirocall online rather than external reporting websites.
Social Media Reports
We know a lot of our residents are on social media like Facebook and Twitter. There are also lots of residents groups on Facebook, WhatsApp and various other channels.
We want to provide those who live, work and visit our City, with high quality neighbourhoods. We feel that the best and most efficient way for residents to make reports about fly tipping, litter and bin issues is to use our online forms. You can upload a photo, enter the location and provide your details if you want to be able to track the job.
Please use our online reporting forms. Service requests reported this way go directly to the crews or the relevant manager.